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The key to understanding health, healing and wholeness is to recognize the age old truth that everything is vibrating - from the ground we walk on ... to the air we breath ... to the water we drink - everything is vibrating. This truth has been a cornerstone of metaphysical thought handed down through the millennia, and only in this past century is modern science just beginning to "catch up". More and more, sophisticated instruments are being devised to detect and measure these vibrations.
Materials or substances, whether they are animate or inanimate, are different because of their rate of vibrations. Science measures the difference in vibrations by the rate or frequency of vibration. The unit for expressing the frequency of vibration is the Hertz or cycle per second.
Metaphysics teaches us that the manifest universe consists of a vast spectrum of vibrations - from the densest form of matter vibrating very slowly, to the faster vibrating consciousness, to the fastest vibrations of spirit - each a plane of vibration on a different harmonic level. Very slowly vibrating substances produce very long wavelengths or low frequencies. Very rapidly vibrating substances produce very short wavelengths or high frequencies. Our sense receptors are attuned to only a small fraction of all vibrational levels. Frequencies that we can actually hear (sound) range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. (Dolphins, by comparison, hear frequencies up to 180,000 Hz.) Frequencies that we can actually see (visible spectrum of light) range from 4 to 7.12 x 1014 (1 with 14 zeros following it) Hz. Obviously there are many frequencies produced that are either below or above the range detectable by the human ear or eye. Psychics, intuitives and healers have long been able to detect and experience many of these vibrational levels beyond the small range of sense organ receptivity.
The cells in our body, likewise, have a certain vibration as well. Liver cells vibrate at a different rate than heart cells, which vibrate at a different rate than brain cells, etc. All of these vibrations go to make up our particular frequency. Good health is nothing more than our cells, and subsequently, our energetic systems, vibrating at the rate they were designed to vibrate and in harmony with each other. When stressed or subject to disease-causing conditions, the vibration of the cells slow down and the cells stop functioning properly. These conditions, of course, include faulty nutrition, environmental toxins and stressful or negative attitudes and conditioning. These disease-causing conditions also provide a vibrational breeding ground for pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. Intuitive healers can detect these "vibrationally deficient" cells and organs and energize them (raise their vibration) to bring them back into proper functioning. The healer sends "energy" to an individual or group with the net effect of raising their cells' vibrational level - promoting optimal cell functioning and well-being.
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