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Novalite 3000 is an exquisite Vibrational Energy technology that re-interprets the pioneering work of  20th Century geniuses such as Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky and others.  It combines Three high voltage Tesla Coils in the base unit, along with 12 Noble Gas Tube elements in a concentric ring that produces a complex frequency field composed of elemental resonant frequencies, mixed wavelength radio frequencies, electrostatic energy and broad spectrum photon energies.  Novalite 3000 is a non-contact device that only requires a Four Minute exposure time per session.

Novalite 3000 has numerous effects.  Some known & some theorized.  Novalite has not been subjected to independent laboratory testing. 

*  Stimulating and strengthening the body

*  Reducing the perception of minor aches and pains 

*  Assisting the movement of lymphatic fluids (with roller attachment)

*  Reducing blockages and barrier issues by repolarizing cells and molecules

*  Theoretically devitalizing pathogens in animals. (not for use on humans)

*  Helping to detoxify the body by  improving cellular TMP - transmembrane potential

*  Re-establishing the cells optimum frequency and energy state (Lakhovsky principles)

*  Neutralizing negative thought forms and stagnant emotional and subtle body  energy patterns

*  Increasing overall energy levels and providing a sense of well-being,  relaxation and clarity 

*  Recharging life-force energy and facilitating higher states of consciousness

*  For body workers and health practitioners who wish to  enhance their therapy sessions 

*  Great for athletes to help maintain consistent peak performance and improve recovery time

*  Full veterinary application: dramatic, rapid, results with animals and pets; a must for all animal lovers

*  As a universal tool for complete photobiotic light nutrition, ideally  used in conjunction with a full natural health program 

*  Addressing any non-specific energy imbalance

Novalite 3000  - $8,500.00

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Novalite 3000 Features

The Novalite 3000 has 12 noble and inert gas tubes that are interchangeable and precisely positioned in a concentric ring to create a strong electromagnetic field around the machine. The gas tubes have been selected to develop specific results within the bio-photonic spectrum. Some of the tubes contain argon, krypton, and water vapor. Activated by a low power laser, it produces all the frequencies needed to resonate a higher pitch within your body. This electromagnetic field is unique.  According to the  Lakhovsky MWO principle of resonant therapy, it raises the vibrational levels of your body to the highest of oscillations, where they were originally designed to be.

Novalite Noble gas tubes include - Nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, water vapor, CO2, krypton, xenon, mercury, argon, neon and deuterium gas tubes. The idea is to create a resonance effect, in other words, the atmospheric elements in the glass tubes resonate with the same elements in your cells. But there are people working with just single gases such as mercury or xenon. The gas tubes are interchageable in case of breakage, etc.

Novalite 3000 DOES NOT require periodic shipping back to the factory for re-calibration.  No Down Time for your business

* Two Pulsed Operating Speeds 

* User replaceable Noble Gas Tubes

* Novalite 3000 may be operated continuously up to 8 hours per day without burning out 

* Automatic 4 minute timer

* Unit features Three powerful Tesla Coils to run effortlessly and quietly.

* Attachments Included - Footplate electrodes

* Roller Electrode - for localized applications

* 3 Year Warranty - but built to last for many more

The Novalite 3000 Broadcasts a Rich Electromagnetic Frequency Field

During a session, one is immersed in a multiple frequency energy field that circulates throughout the body. The Novalite 3000 broadcasts several types of energy including: photonic, electrical, electro-magnetic and mixed wavelength radio frquencies.  There are also complex resonant frequencies produced from of all the Noble gas elements. These types of energy work together to improve the cellular metabolism. This can assist the body to return to a more normal and healthy state. There are many ways imbalance is created in the body including environmental toxins and pollutants, poor diet,  over-exposure to EM Fields, and negative emotional states.   When one becomes overloaded with toxic substances, thoughts or feelings, the healthy bio-energy field tends to become lowered in vibration and frequency. In other words, our body has a higher frequency or vibration when it is healthy and a lower vibration when it is sick. There are methods such as Electro-Dermal Screening - Voll Meters - that can measure your body's bio-electric energy levels.  This type of testing can offer a valuable baseline reference point for energetic healing methods.

Scientific research has demonstrated that healthy cells have a resting transmembrane potential difference of approx. - 84 to a maximum of - 92 millivolts. Due to the many factors and stressors mentioned earlier, cellular voltage can drop dramatically to the point where the cells are unable to maintain a healthy environment for themselves. According to observations of Electro-Dermal Screening, an uncorrected, chronically low cellular voltage below -50mVolts can eventually lead to illness. 

French Engineer, Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942), 1920's inventor of the Multiple Wave Oscillator, theorized that cells were vibrating - they exhibited all the properties required of an oscillator - inductance, capacitance and resistance. Lakhovsky postulated that all living cells could act as both an emitter and receiver of very high frequency oscillations (vibrations).  He wrote an article for the February 1924 issue of Radio News, entitled, Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies: 

… For instance, let us suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell, and sickness is started. If the cell cannot repel the stronger vibrations and if the amplitude of its own vibration decreases, the microbe gains and its vibrations in decreasing and stopping those of the cells, bring dangerous sickness or death. If, on the contrary, the living cell is started vibrating with the proper amplitude by inside or outside causes, the oscillatory attack is repulsed … 

…The remedy in my opinion is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells, but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell …

Lakhovsky created a device known the Multiwave Oscillator (MWO) in an effort to raise the vibrational level of deficiently vibrating cells. This device sent out a wide spectrum of radiowave frequencies, stimulating cells to resonate with their own particular energizing frequency, thereby restoring them to healthy vibrational levels. 

… The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance... The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible...

Lakhovsky conducted an experiment with plants in 1924 to establish the validity of his theory. He inoculated ten potted geranium plants with a plant disease that causes cancerous tumors. While nine inoculated geraniums quickly succumbed to the cancerous disease, the one geranium, allowed to be energized by his oscillating device, sloughed off the cancerous growth and thrived into a robust and healthy plant. Lakhovsky had similar success when his devices were used with people and animals. Not only was his unit able to restore sick people to health, but also, those who used it regularly noticed that they rarely became ill. 

Lakhovsky demonstrated that a cell’s vibrational rate can be raised through sympathetic resonance with a similar frequency from an external energy source. His work confirmed that the body has the capability to resist illness or imbalance if its cells are vibrating at their correct resonant frequency. 

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971), another bio-energy pioneer and contemporary of Lakhovsky, put it eloquently when he said: we also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease. Dr. Rife’s work confirmed that everything in the universe, living or dead, has its own resonant frequency - unique vibration.

For many years, the vibrational healing concepts of Tesla, Lakhovsky, Rife and others were lost in obscure collections and manuscripts. Today these technologies been rediscovered and updated. The Novalight 3000 combines elements of Tesla Coil technology, Lakhovsky MWO and Rife Noble Gas tubes and offers unlimited research possibilities for the home user or alternative health clinic.

Disclaimer: Novalight 3000 is not a medical device.  It is an experimental research instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult  with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.

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