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Can You Tell Me A Little About Novalite 3000, Inc?
Novalite 3000 is privately owned and funded research organization. President & Founder Ralph Suddath has been involved in comprehensive studies of water, energy, and medical technologies. He has been working to develop electrical medical technologies designed to relieve pain since 1989. He has also developed a group of patented water treatment systems utilizing sound frequencies to purify water. Ralph has combined the research of many scientists Nikola Tesla Royal Rife and Lakhovsky, and has worked to develop the Novalite Tesla Photon Machine. He discovered by ionizing atmospheric gases you create a naturally positive bio-energetic environment. We have employed a professional staff of engineers with a combined total 90 years of experience in this field of science. Novalite 3000 is a private corporation which is currently developing an International Medical Advisory Board made up of Doctors of Medicine (MD's), Osteopathic Doctors (DOs) Doctors of Naturapathy (ND's) and Scientists with Masters and Doctorates in their field of either medicine or electrical engineering .

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