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What Does The Novalite 3000 Actually Do?
The Novalite 3000 machine is an electronic device that brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state. The machine is a Bio-photonic Energizer.

Can Anyone Use The Novalite 3000?
Absolutely yes with a few exceptions which follow. We do not recommend individuals who have pacemakers or other devices which contain microprocessors or electronic pumps and pregnant women to use the Novalite 3000.

How Often Should One Use The Novalite 3000
Each individual had different needs. For total wellness we recommend 4 minutes a day. In certain cases you may use it up to 20 minutes a day it will not hurt you. Your body will only use what it needs.

Are There Any Adverse Effects?
A real Novalite 3000 Machine will have no side effects. Do expect toxins to be flushed from your body. You can set a bottle of water on top of the machine to energize it. We have had clients need to use the restroom immediatly after their first treatment. In all cases the next day they felt true and real energy.

How and where can I personally tryout a Novalite 3000?
Simply contact Wally Crowder at 805/276-8620 or email info@novalite3000.com

Can You Tell Me A Little About Novalite 3000, Inc?
Novalite 3000 is privately owned and funded research organization. President & Founder Ralph Suddath has been involved in comprehensive studies of water, energy, and medical technologies. He has been working to develop electrical medical technologies designed to relieve pain since 1989. He has also developed a group of patented water treatment systems utilizing sound frequencies to purify water. Ralph has combined the research of many scientists Nikola Tesla Royal Rife and Lakhovsky, and has worked to develop the Novalite Tesla Photon Machine. He discovered by ionizing atmospheric gases you create a naturally positive bio-energetic environment. We have employed a professional staff of engineers with a combined total 90 years of experience in this field of science. Novalite 3000 is a private corporation whio is currently developing an International Medical Advisory Board made up of Doctors of Medicine (MD's), Osteopathic Doctors (DOs) Doctors of Naturapathy (ND's) and Scientists with Masters and Doctorates in their field of either medicine or electrical engineering .

What is the difference between the novalite and similar devices on the market?
The most recent evolution in Energy Medicine has been the advancement of the research of Tesla, Rife, and Lakhovsky by combining three instruments in one. Although there are many different types of frequency instruments on the market. Noble Gas technology offers profound advantages. As mentioned, when these special gases contained in glass tubes are ionized, a powerful photon-rich-electrical field is sent out into the air. A micro-current containing harmonic frequencies penetrate the body through the skin. In addition a radio wave component carry the frequencies and subtle energy through the body. Every cell also resonates a unique characteristic frequency. This is why it is important

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